handwoven silk central asian Uzbeki Ikat Textile with bright pinks and yellows but also has fire damage and color run

Mid Century Silk Uzbeki Ikat - 3'11 x 6'11

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This silk ikat was handmade during the mid 20th century in Uzbekistan.

It features rows of red poppy like circles on a pinkish white backdrop alternating with rows of yellow "S" motifs on a purple backdrop. Attached together in pieces, some are off center and incomplete giving it a fun, dizzying feel.

In well used condition; worn with water staining and what looks to be burn marks. 

Size: 4'11" x 6'11" [1.5m x 2.1m]

Age: Mid 20th century

Country of Origin: Uzbekistan

Type of Textile: Ikat

Material: Silk

Condition: Worn with stains but still intact




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