19th century Pictorial Peking Rug featuring birds  and some floral and rock elements, in a landscape

Antique Peking Painted Bird Rug - 4' x 5'7

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This Peking rug was woven in Beijing during the turn of the 20th century.

It features a pictorial scene on an icey blue foreground and a hot pink background. A variety of auspicious birds are showcased, most prominently two Fenghuang about to take flight and a crane standing on one leg. The rug has been "painted" sometime after it was woven and imported into the United States. Likely in the 1920s when this practice was all the rage. 

In good structural condition, with wear to the cotton foundation throughout (as pictured). The foundation has been reinforced in its barest areas for longevity and the overall wear lightens the feel of the rug and works well in tandem with the celestial symbolism.

Size: 4' x 5'7" [122cm x 170cm]

Age: 1875-1899

Country of Origin: Eastern China 

Type of Rug: Peking

Material: Wool with cotton foundation

Pile Height: Low

Condition: Good with visible wear




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