Contemporary Blue South Persian Lori Gabbeh Rug with Minimal design

21st Century Gabbeh Rug - 3'6 x 5'1

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This Gabbeh rug was handwoven in Southern Iran during the 21st century.

It features a beautiful open blue field with subtle natural variations that organically change the tone throughout the rug. A very simple motif of an abstracted animal and plant can be found in small scale in the center and on the top left and bottom right corner of the rug. The pile is densely woven, making this a plush rug.

The condition is excellent unused condition, with no signs of wear.


Size: 3'6" x 5'1" [1.1m x 1.5m]

Age: Contemporary

Country of Origin: S Iran

Type of Rug: Gabbeh

Material: Wool pile on Wool Foundation

Pile Height: Medium

Condition: Excellent




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